TumblePad 2.0

TumblePad 2.0 is a desktop based app that allows users to experience the TumbleBookLibrary collection completely offline.

Designed to fit on a branded usb stick, this collection has a one year expiry set into it.screenshot_tb

Using a customization interface, the TumblePad 2.0 houses games, chapter books and animated books in an easy to use package.TumblePad Games Shelf TumblePad e-Books Shelf

Chapter books are particularly interesting. TumbleBooks offers a Read-Along type book where the text is read aloud and the sentences are highlighted so kids can read along with the story.The Readable Intro

Users also have the ability to adjust text sizes, colour, fonts and spacing to suit their needs. This is particularly helpful for users with learning disabilities or visual limitations.Customizing the Reader RA_2TumblePad 2.0 was built in Flash, using mProjector and runs like a native application on both Macs and PCs.

Designed, implemented and programmed by Mould e Media.


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