TumbleBookLibrary Print Material

TumbleBooks.com is one of our major clients and longest running client at 15 years. We are proud to cover all production services for this amazing Canadian company. Helping kids find the joys of reading makes the job even more rewarding.

Give away sticker for use in trade shows, and other places.

Print postcard. The other side is standard design. Taking the logo and making it into a fake stamp. Postcard

Mouse pad designs. When we look at making print materials, the goal is to reflect the web site design. TumbleBooks has an iconic checkerboard, used since the site began, and a TumbleDude for the logo.print_postcard1 TumbleBookLibrary Mouse Pads

Business cards currently in use. Taking the branding from the web site and modifying it to suit the size and shape of the cards, this clean design has been a big success.TumbleBook Business Cards


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