Mould e Media is a design and development company located in beautiful Dorchester Ontario. Started more than 14 years ago, Mould e Media has grown from its roots as a one person operation to a partnership that has the ability to grow to meet the needs of any project.


We work with a team of dedicated professionals on an as-needed basis.


When you call on Mould e Media you will be working with either Peter or Paula, depending on the project.


Paula Mould takes care of the programming, illustration and creative direction. Paula Mould is an experienced Flash Developer who has been working in the CD ROM and Internet field since 1996.


She has authored a large number of CDs in the past and now specializes in dynamic data driven web sites and applications programmed with Adobe Flash. Paula’s most recent work includes Flash e-commerce sites, jQuery e-book readers, and JavaScript mobile applications.


Current projects include helping clients move from Flash based interactivity to more mobile friendly technologies like JavaScript. Paula is constantly upgrading her skills in an effort to ensure her clients always get top notch work.


Peter Mould takes care of project management, client interaction and the day to day running of the business. Peter is also an experienced Usability Specialist who has provided valued insight on a large number of web, CD and software projects.


Mould e Media also draws upon a large number of trusted associates. Professionals who have proven themselves time and time again.